Rajiv Ghandhi Ayurvedic college Rajiv Ghandhi Ayurvedic college was constructed in the RON Taluk student across India come here to study, and also the center take cares of primary health care, Ayurvedic medicines are given for the treatments and has been cured for many diseases lot of the patients are benefited from this, the college also conducts the yoga classes
IT colleges, Graduation and Master graduation colleges have been constructed for other students. There has been hostel facility provided for the student those how come from far places, separate hostel facility for boys and girls have been made.


Transportation Facility For the 1st time in the backward village like Melematha, Chikalagundi, Thalihalla, Madalgeri there were no proper road facility there was not public transport facility, G S Patil in his period made proper road facility and bus transportation was done for these backward village, these all credit goes to G S Patil for his dedication toward the work, improvement of the village. Public transportation were started in these village, people of these village had no transportation facility.


  • During the period of 2003-2004 GS patil constructed 1122 house for the poor people who are working on daily wages people, thereby providing shelter for the poor people those who were without shelter. From the slum development board they took the area that was unused and constructed 135 houses in Gajendragada also ensuring electricity and water supply to these constructed houses, not only these from Rajiv Gandhi pilot project he also constructed 300 number of houses. And also many other houses were constructed for poor in other villages.

    Drinking Water and for Irrigation

    water storage(lake)Number of New lake were constructed in many village Nelur lake was constructed to store water during summer season many lake were constructed flowing water were made to store and also for cattle drinking, For the construction so many lakes he was also called as “savira kere saradhara”
    From the Mallaprabha to Cholacha Gudda constructed barriage for the Ron, Herehall, Kuthavala, Mugali to store water. Bridges were constructed across the water flow which made smoother transport without effecting the flow of water.

    water purifier has been installed in the villages and schools so the people are benfited by getting pure water drinking facility in the villages and aslo students in schools.

    Railway Underpass

    Due to financial problem Malpura railway underpass work was resumed by the support of the railway central Minister Virappa Moliy during this tenure they completed the project which was estimated around 3cr for the completion of the work.


    Power Statiom110kv of power storage station for the benefits of Ron and Gajenrdragada, 33kv power station for the Kushigere , Holeallur, Herehalla save the farmers form the shortage of power for the agricultural purpose usage.